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We don’t just sell and install flooring.

At KR Flooring Solutions, we’ve made customer service our primary focus. There’s so much more that goes into purchasing & owning new floors. We tailored the services we offer to best support our customers where they need it most. Learn more about the variety of services we have to offer you beyond flooring.

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Concrete Resurfacing

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Demolition Services

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Office Modular Lift

Floor Cleaning Supplies

Looking for the highest-quality cleaning supplies for all of the surfaces in your home? Look no further than KR Flooring Solutions, where we offer a range of the best cleaning products in the industry.

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Financing | KR Flooring Solutions

While new flooring is certainly exciting, we also acknowledge that it’s no small investment. For many of our clients, finances are their foremost concern. That’s why we’ve developed our special financing options to help give our customers the buying power they need to focus less on the cost and more on finding the home design solution that works best for them.

Schedule a Measure

We’ll handle all the complexities of measuring your room and calculating just how much material you’ll need for your next design project. One of our friendly experts will come directly to your home or office to take the measurements required, completely free of charge! Contact us or fill out our online form today to schedule your free in-home measurement appointment!

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Countertops | KR Flooring Solutions

KR Flooring Solutions is also the proud supplier of countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms. While countertops should be highly functional and able to withstand a lot of use, there’s no reason why they can't also offer beautiful style! At KR Flooring Solutions, we stock Wilsonart, MSI Quartz, and locally-sourced granite countertops that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We have a large collection of styles and various materials to choose from.

Carpet Binding

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect area rug for your space, one solution is to simply create it yourself! You can fully customize an area rug to your exact specifications with professional carpet binding from KR Flooring Solutions! Create a custom rug or stair runner out of your favorite carpet style, and make it the perfect size and shape for your space!

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Hardwood restoration | KR Flooring Solutions
Hardwood & Concrete Restoration

One advantage of hardwood flooring is that, when it begins to succumb to wear and tear and show its age, you can refinish it to bring it back to its original glory! Here at KR Flooring Solutions, our experts will resurface or refinish your hardwood floors to make them look brand new.
We also offer a similar service for concrete floors! Contact us today to learn more.

Trim & Casings

Finish the look of your floors with trims and casings. Trims hide unsightly gaps and joints, while casings are commonly used to seal door and window frame perimeters. You’ll find an endless array of possibilities when you visit our showroom!

Trims | KR Flooring Solutions
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Carpet Cleaning

While you probably have a cleaning routine that includes regular vacuuming of your carpeting, there’s no substitute for a full professional carpet cleaning! While not something you need to do often, we highly recommend having your carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

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Schedule a FREE in-home measure with KR Flooring Solutions that works best with your schedule.

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KR Flooring Solutions serves residential, commercial contractors, TI , business-to-business, and the restoration industry.

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Our financing options give you more buying power to help your design vision come alive! Subject to approved credit.